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That’s right, today is the day for you to get up, bump your favorite tune and whip your hair back and forth, because today is National Dance Day!  In an effort to promote healthy living, So You Think You can Dance Executive Producer and Judge, Nigel Lythgoe initiated the conversation in conjunction with his non-profit organization, the Dizzy Feet Foundation.  In 2010, the measure was further sustained when congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton proposed a resolution to recognize the last Saturday in July as National Dance Day.  We have to give thanks to first lady Michelle Obama for this day as well.  Because of her newest initiative, “Let’s Move,” nationwide attention has been focused on promoting physical fitness around the US. 

So check your local dance studios today!  Most of them will be offering discounts on classes and apparel.  Broadway Dance Center in NY is offering classes at a discounted rate of $15 today and all apparel will be 10% off!  So shake a tail feather, get your eagle on, do the stanky leg, or create your own dance.  Whatever you do today, make sure you dance!

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